It took me 2 and a half months to get the original settlement.  It took Integrated Public Adjusters 2 weeks to triple my settlement. Very professional.”

Abit & Natalie U | Water Damage

Original Settlement: $10,068.25

Agreed Settlement: $46,642.77

Tom has been amazing!  He is so kind, knowledgeable, and very diligent.  His attention to detail, focus, and determination are a true gift.  He takes pride in his representation of his clients, a true professional.

Jeff Albert & Liza R | Smoke Damage

Agreed Settlement: $20,579.31

I never expected this settlement.  Good job Tom.

Spiro P | Water Damage

Original Settlement: $3,895.42

Agreed Settlement: $37,237.35

Excellent work, accurate work, prompt, on time, patient and fair.

Mike & Barbara S | Water Damage

Original Settlement: $18, 861.57

Agreed Settlement: $98,974.82

We pay insurance for protection and rarely use them.  When the winds destroyed our homes roof and skylights the insurance co. did not want to pay for legitimate repairs.  Tommy not only fought for us, but got the insurance co. to pay for a new roof.  Thanks Tommy for all the great work!

John & Evelyn K | Wind Damage

Original Settlement: $2,417.59

Agreed Settlement: $42,182.18

Tom was a pleasure to work with!  He made the process simple and stress free.  Thank you.

Vanessa G | Accidental Damage

Original Settlement: $1,158,97

Agreed Settlement: $11,542.69

Once I engaged Tom’s services, he told me that I would not have to worry about my claim anymore and guess what he was 100% accurate.  I wish more people were of his caliber!

Sport Clips | Fire Damage/Smoke

Agreed Settlement: $24,257.94

Tom is the best! A true pleasure to work with!

Maria B | Client was unaware of coverage | Tile Floor Damage

Agreed Settlement: $15,886.81

I was getting nowhere with my insurance, they were offering a fraction of the true loss to my residence.  I met with Tom, he assessed the situation and felt that he could get me my full loss. He was very professional and thorough. My insurance immediately raised their offer.  I would definitely recommend Tom and Integrated Public Adjusters for all of your insurance claims.

Aris S | Water Damage

Original Settlement: $7,463.85

Agreed Settlement: $97,764.24

The final settlement amount we received was not only remarkable but very educational.  It gave us a totally different insight into insurance claims and subsequent settlements.  Integrated Public Adjusters contributed immensely to reaching our final settlement and educating us in the process.  Thank you very much Tom.”

Derryck & Elaine | Water Damage

Original Settlement: $701.97

Agreed Settlement: $12,319.15

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