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About Integrated Public Adjusters, Inc

Our goal at Integrated Public Adjusters is to provide you with professional claims representation when you have experienced loss to your home or business. With many years of claims experience and presence in the insurance industry, it is our intention to secure the maximum policy benefits that you are entitled to receive. At Integrated Public Adjusters we will review coverage, assess your loss, and finally present and prepare your entire claim on your behalf to the insurance company. We are solely your representative looking out for your best interest and maximizing your settlement.

When dealing with insurance companies it can often be difficult getting a response to phone messages and claim status, usually creating a feeling of frustration, eventually causing you to throw your hands up and ultimately giving up. This very scenario happens all too often.  Having a claims specialist in your corner can and more often than not will strengthen your position during the negotiation process and ultimately the final outcome.

At Integrated Public Adjusters it is our goal to represent your interest, take the burden off of you so that you can resume your normal daily affairs, while you have peace of mind that your insurance claim is being handled by qualified professionals. We know how to deal with the insurance company’s representatives, prepare estimates that fulfill the insurance company’s requirements, and we are well versed in the Department of Insurance Regulations so that we assure that everyone is playing by the rules.  This insures the best results for you.

By now you are asking how do we get paid. At Integrated Public Adjusters we charge on a contingency fee based on the settlement. That means that if we don’t secure a settlement on your behalf there is no cost to you, a win win for everyone involved. We like to put our money where our mouth is.

Tom Dimitropoulos

President of Integrated Public Adjusters, Inc

Tom Dimitropoulos is the President of Integrated Public Adjusters, Inc. and has been in the Insurance Industry for 18 years. Our company became incorporated in 2006. With a strong client base, we have built our business on honesty, integrity, customer service, and a strong, relentless work ethic. In return for these qualities and satisfied customers our business and client base continue to grow on referrals and word of mouth. (See testimonials page)

Integrated Public Adjusters, Inc. is a company with many years of experience in the insurance claims arena. Our extensive knowledge of policy language, insurance estimating, team of experts, and negotiating skills are some of our companies many strengths. Our California Department of Insurance Licensing designation qualifies our company to represent Insureds in the entire state of California. We are also licensed in the State of Nevada.

It is our objective and goal to level the playing field when dealing with your Insurance carrier, by further eliminating the conflict of interest that exists when the same person represents both you and your insurance company. You must ask yourself how this could possibly benefit me. The answer, there is no benefit to you having the same adjuster that represents your insurance carrier representing you. It is our opinion, that you the insured would benefit by hiring Integrated Public Adjusters, Inc. to be on your side and your representative.

Why You Should Retain The Services of Integrated Public Adjusters

In a nutshell, the insurance claims process can be a very difficult process to understand.  The process becomes compounded when the only person you must go to for guidance is the insurance company adjuster. Any way you look at it; it’s the insurance company and their own staff adjuster, against you, looking out for their interest.

Integrated Public Adjusters primary objective is to represent you the insured only and focus on recovering all policy benefits that are due you so that you can get back to normal as quickly as possible.

It is our opinion that consumers should always have representation when it comes to pursuing an insurance claim.  It would be our pleasure to represent you.

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