Frequently Asked Questions

Why you should retain the services of Integrated Public Adjusters

In a nutshell, the insurance claims process can be a very difficult process to understand.  The process becomes compounded when the only person you must go to for guidance is the insurance company adjuster. Any way you look at it; it’s the insurance company and their own staff adjuster, against you, looking out for their interest.

Integrated Public Adjusters primary objective is to represent you the insured only and focus on recovering all policy benefits that are due you so that you can get back to normal as quickly as possible.

It is our opinion that consumers should always have representation when it comes to pursuing an insurance claim.  It would be our pleasure to represent you.

Is there a cost for you to come and evaluate my claim?

Our consultation and evaluation of your claim is complimentary, there is no upfront cost to you and without any obligations.

How does Integrated Public Adjusters Get Paid?

Straight Contingency Fee – No Recovery, No cost to you.  Win Win.

How do I contact Integrated Public Adjusters?

You may call, email or fill out our contact form. Your complimentary consultation will be promptly made to accommodate your time schedule.

Do you work in our area?

Integrated Public Adjusters is licensed to represent Insureds in the entire state of California and Nevada.

What do I do after a loss?

First and foremost confirm that everyone is safe and accounted for. Next you have a duty specifically outlined in your policy to protect your property from further damage to the best of your ability. This is called your duty to mitigate.

I have cashed the check the insurance company sent me. Is my claim closed?

No. Just because you cashed your check you do have the right to re-open your claim and recover supplemental payments regarding any items that may have been overlooked or omitted during the original adjustment of your claim. Depending on when your insurance claim was filed and closed you may still have time to re-open and recover benefits that are due you. Typically, this time can range from 1 to 2 years.

Will my rates go up if I file an insurance claim?

The Insurance company can raise your premium at any time whether you have an insurance claim or not. What is important that you use the benefits that you pay for yearly to protect one of the most valuable assets you own. A proper evaluation of your loss should guide you in the right direction in deciding of whether or not to file an insurance claim.

The damage does not look that bad. Should I file a claim?

Unless you are a trained professional in evaluating damage you should not make that decision on your own. Damage no matter how large or small can amount to a significant insurance claim depending on the methods required to repair your damaged property.

I dropped a glass of red wine on my white carpet and it's now stained. Is that covered?

Typically insurance policies extend coverage for sudden, accidental, direct physical losses. As long as it was an accident, this is typically a covered loss, and believe it or not could end up being very significant.

Will my carrier cancel me if I put in a claim?

Your carrier can cancel your policy at any time within the guidelines of the law. Your main concern should be evaluating your loss and getting your life back together as it was before the loss. If your carrier does cancel you after putting in your first claim, perhaps it is time for you to find another carrier. I wouldn’t want to be part of a company that gladly accepts my premium, and when the time comes they decide to cancel me after using the benefits that I have been paying for.

I started cooking dinner and I forgot an ingredient that I needed to complete the meal. I rushed out to the market, forgot the food on the burner, and then it subsequently caught fire, causing fire and smoke damage to the interior of my home. Am I covered?


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